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Ohio Native Americans Holidays
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Social Studies

Ancient Civilizations
Neferchichi's Tomb
Ancient Egypt
Gander Academy's Egypt Theme Page
Civilization - Mysteries of Egypt
You Wouldn't Want To Be An Egyptian Mummy!
National Geographic Kids Magazine Three Queens
BBC - History - Egyptians
Ancient Egyptian Virtual Temple
Welcome to Little Horus: Egypt
BBC - Romans - Homepage
Ancient Rome Daily Life
Civilizations: Greece and Rome
The Romans in Britain
You Wouldn't Want To Be A Roman Gladiator!
The Greeks
Civilizations: Greece and Rome
BBC - Schools - Ancient Greece
Greek Mythology
Let's Learn About...Greek Mythology
ABC Arts Online Winged Sandals

United States of America
The sites below contain information on all states:
The US50 - A guide to the fifty states
IPL Kidspace: Stately Knowledge
State Animals and Emblems
USA State Map/Quiz Printouts - EnchantedLearning.com
USA State Info - EnchantedLearning.com
Fact Monster: U.S.
USA maps and information page
HRW WORLD ATLAS - Index of Maps
State Recipes
State Foods 
Today's Front Page- 437 Front pages from 32 countries
Ben's Guide (3-5): Quick Facts: Learn About Your State

KidZone Geography
USA States
FactFinder Kids' Corner -- Fun State Facts
State Reports.com
State Fast Facts

The sites below contain information on individual states:
All about Alabama
Alaska Kids
Arizona Governor's Kids Site
Arizona Kids Page
About Arizona for Kids

Arkansas family
California History and Symbols
Colorado History
Interactive Colorado
ConneCT Kids Home Page
Delaware Kids
District of Columbia
Florida Kids Page

Online Sunshine for Kids
Georgia Facts and History
Go Hawaii: Tourism
Just For Kids - Access Idaho
Discover Illinois
Indiana State Information Center
Welcome to the Official State of Iowa Website
Kansas Kids
Kentucky.gov - Kid's Pages
Welcome to Louisiana Just for Students
Maine Kids' Page
Maryland Kids' Page
Massachusetts Fun Facts
Massachusetts Facts
Minnesota North Star Kids Page
Minnesota Student Page
About Mississippi

Missouri Secretary of State Kids
Montana is for Kids!
Facts About Nebraska
New Hampshire: Just for Kids
Hangout, State of New Jersey Web site for Kids
Explore New Mexico
NYS Kids' Room, NYS Facts Menu Page 
New York State for Kids
NC Secretary of State-Kids Page

North Dakota Kid Zone
Explore Ohio
Ohio History Central
Famous Ohioans
A Look At Oklahoma

Oregon Blue Book Kids Home Page
Discover Pennsylvania
Rhode Island Facts
SC Facts
South Dakota
South Dakota Office of the Governor Kids page
Tennessee State Symbols & Facts

Texas SenateKids
Utah History For Kids - Welcome
Utah Symbols
Vermont Secretary of State - Municipal

KidsCommonwealth All About Virginia
Just for Kids - Access Washington
West Virginia Legislature Kids Page
Wisconsin Senate Kids Home Page
Wisconsin History for Kids
Welcome to the State of Wyoming: Kid's Page

Congress for Kids
The PBS Kids Democracy Project
POTUS: Presidents of the United States
The American Presidency: A Glorious Burden
U.S. Government Basics
How a Bill Becomes a Law
Kids in the House
A Road Map to the US Constitution
From Revolution to Reconstruction: Presidents
Balance of Power
Ben's Guide to U.S. Government for Kids


Sovereign Bank Presents: KidsBank.com!
Moneyopolis!~ Personal Planning Center
Welcome to Peanuts & Crackerjacks
Coolmath4kids -  Lemonade Stand
Economics Main Page
Escape from Knab
IMF Where in the World and What in the World Is Money?
Hot Shot Business


CIA - The World Factbook 2002
Atlapedia Online
Country Recipes
CIA World Flavors

Cultural Profiles Project

KidsClick!: Countries
World Almanac for Kids
Yahooligans! - Around the World:Countries
HRW WORLD ATLAS - Index of Maps
World Atlas of Maps Flags and Geography Facts 
Travel for Kids
Country Studies-home
Infonation Basic: Compare countries' statistics
Country at a Glance
Countries @ Students of the World
Kulture Kids - Fun Stuff for Kids to Do
IPL Kidspace Say Hello to the World
Countrywatch.com - Website To The World
World Landmarks
World Map
Welcome to Little Horus: Egypt
Virtual Antarctica
Australia for Kids
PBS AFRICA - Africa for Kids


Getting to Know You
Cocina Mexicana
Bienvenidos: México para Niños. El Balero
Yahooligans! - Around the World:Countries:Mexico
ZOOM SCHOOL Mexico by Enchanted Learning Software

European Explorers Theme Page
Explorers of the Millennium
Zoom Explorers
Yahooligans!: Explorers
Let's Learn About...Great Explorers
You Wouldn't Want To Be A Polar Explorer!
All-Star River Explorers
Extraordinary Explorers at a Glance
Colonial America
Colonial Kids
Life during the 18th-Century Colonial Williamsburg
Settlements in North America
Plimoth Plantation - Online Learning Center
Liberty! Perspectives Daily Life in the Colonies
A Colonial Family and Community
13 Originals 
Order in the Court

Revolutionary War
From Revolution to Reconstruction: Presidents
The History Place - American Revolution
Timeline of Events: 1750-1939
Liberty Kids
The American Revolution
Liberty! Chronicle: Timeline 
Choosing Liberty
National Archives: Charters of Freedom
A Revolutionary WEBQUEST - Main Page
Highlights of the American Revolution - Chapter 1 - Preface
Revolutionary Art

Ohio: Facts, Map and State Symbols - EnchantedLearning.com
Ohio History Central - Search by Letter 
The Underground Railroad
What's The Point? Identifying Flint Artifacts
Discover Ohio 
Ohio Defined
What Tree is it? 
Ohio Trees
Ohio Species Guide
Ohio State Parks for Kids

What's that snake?
Famous Ohioans 
Ben's Guide (3-5): Quick Facts: Ohio
Ohio County Connections
Ohio 2003-2004 Map
Ohio City and County Links Ohio Department of Development
Ohio County Select
OSU County Profiles

Native Americans
First Americans, Native American Indian Studies for Grade Schoolers.
Native Americans
Settlements in North America
Peoples of the Northwest
Plimoth Plantation - Online Learning Center
Navajo Home Page
The Study of Native Americans
Native Americans

Kids Domain - Holidays
History of the Holidays
Lil' Fingers Holidays


The Presidents of the United States
Presidential Biographies 
Mr. President

Internet Public Library POTUS
EA Quick Facts Launcher
EA Contents Presidents & First Ladies
American President

Biographies for Kids, Famous Leaders for Young Readers
Meet Amazing Americans
The Poet's Bookshelf Biographies of Famous Poets
NASA Specialists
National Women's Hall of Fame
300 Women Who Changed the World
Women's History Milestones
Women Who Changed History
Women of the Century
Famous Scientists and Inventors
Encyclopedia Britannica Biographies
Bios of Great African Americans
500 Notable African American Biographies

Time for Kids | Magazines
Scholastic News
National Geographic Kids
Professor Garfield's Knowledge Box
Houghton Mifflin Social Studies
See You See Me-Landscapes and Map Terms
History Mystery
History's Home on the Internet
SmartFun Online
Don't Know Much About
Timeline of Events 1750-1939
America's Story from America's Library

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The Adventures of Herman
National Zoo/ FONZ
San Diego Zoo Animal Bytes
Yahooligans! Animals
SeaWorld/Busch Gardens - Animal Bytes
ANIMAL INFO - Animal Info Books
Animal Sounds
Animal Diversity Web
The Animal Kingdom
Life Science Safari
Oakland Zoo Animals- A to Z
BBC - Nature - Wildfacts

Animals Chaffee Zoological Gardens of Fresno

CyberZoo Animal List
National Geographic Animals -- Facts, Photos, Postcards, Maps
NatureWorks Animals and Adaptations
Enchanted Learning: Animal Coloring/Info Pages: Aa-Af
Animal Info from Colorado State
Yak's Corner -- Animals
Zoobooks - The Encyclopedia of Animals

World Almanac for Kids
What's That Snake? - Home Page - OPLIN
Cincinnati Zoo & Botanical Garden

Ohio Wildlife Diversity Resources

Rainforest Live: Animals

The Belize Zoo - The Zoo

BBC - KS2 Revisewise - Science: Living Things
EEK! - Critter Corner

Critters Map
Natural History Notebooks
Endangered or Extinct
The Wild Ones
Let's Talk about Insects

Animal Communities
Animal Adaptations
Animal Adaptation Web
Australian Wildlife

Animal Movies, Animal Sound Clips
EcoKids Online!
Animal Facts

Classifying Critters

Plant-Parts Salad
Plant Parts Shopping List
Biology of Plants
Trees are Terrific
Exploring the Secret Life of Trees
Plant Parts Interactive
What Tree Is It? HOME
The Great Plant Escape
BBC - KS2 Revisewise - Science: Living Things

MGBnet: Biomes and Ecosystems
World Biomes

Earth Floor: Biomes

WorldBiomes.com - Explore Five of the World's Main Biomes

The Virtual Zoo Habitats

Biomes/Habitats- EnchantedLearning.com

NatureWorks: Terrestrial Communities
CyberZoo, Zoo, Biome, Education, Living SchoolBook, Animals,
ETE K4 Biomes Module
Biomes Webs

EEK! - Critter Corner - Habitats
A Walk in the Woods

Howstuffworks "How Rainforests Work"

Live From The Rainforest

Learning about Rainforests

Rainforest Facts
Gallery of Rainforest Photos
Rainforest Live: KIDZ
Marine Biology
Biodiversity: Everything Counts
EcoKids Online!

Peggy Notebaert Nature Museum : Hands-On Habitat
Planetpals: Food chains
Grade 4: Food Chains and Webs
Revisewise Food chains
Chain Reaction - Build a Food Chain

Grade 4: Survival
Grade 4: Adaptation

Animal Adaptations
Natureworks Adaptations and Habitats
Inside Out Discover Biodiversity
Brookfield Zoo In Search of the Ways of Knowing Trail
Shedd Aquarium
Zoom Dinosaurs - EnchantedLearning.com
Encyclopaedia Britannica Discovering Dinosaurs Activity Guide
The Natural History Museum's Dino Directory
Paleontology: The Big Dig


The Butterfly Lab
Butterfly Pavilion : Butterflies & Invertebrates
BillyBear4Kids.com ... Butterfly and Bugs
Butterflies of North America
Butterflies of Ohio
Zoom Butterflies - Enchanted Learning Software
Butterflies: On The Wings Of Freedom - Home
What is a Butterfly?
Butterfly School
Beal School's Exploring Butterflies in Kindergarten
Foremost's Butterflies Are Blooming

States of Matter
Miami Museum of Science - The Atoms Family
Fast periodic table
The Hobby Shop
The Mission: A Great Scientific Adventure

Exhibits Collection -- Amusement Park Physics 
Physics Life

Our Place in Space: Gravity

Science Monster - Gravity and Inertia
BBC - KS2 Revisewise - Science: Physical Processes
The Energy Story - Introduction
Grade 3: Energy
Inside Out Discover Energy Power Up
Grade 3: Light
InventorsToolbox: The Elements of Machines 
MiKids: Simple Machines
Simple Machines
COSI Simple Machines
Simple Machines Learning Site 
Edheads: The Odd Machine
Edheads - Simple Machines Activities

Edheads Simple Machines Glossary
Simple Machines
The Hobby Shop
The Mission: A Great Scientific Adventure

The Science of Baseball
Solar System
Arty the part-time Astronaut
Astronomy For Kids: The Planets of Our Solar System
ZOOM ASTRONOMY - Enchanted Learning Software
NASA - Kids Home
NASA KIDS - a nasa site dedicated to kids - Kids of all ages!

NASA's Solar System Exploration

Astroventure: Design a Planet
Starchild: A Learning Center for Young Astronomers
The Space Place

The Space Place: Images
American Museum of Natural History: Our Place in Space
Windows to the Universe
Grade 3: Solar System

Astronomy for Kids - The Planets
Welcome to the Planets
A Virtual Journey into the Universe
Planet Facts


Earth: Our World in Motion
Rockhound Home Page

Discover How Rocks Are Formed

Rocks and Minerals
Windows to the Universe: Geology
MSA's Rock'n Internet Site--The ROCK CYCLE!
Geo-Mysteries: Rocks
Geo-Mysteries: Minerals
Geo-Mysteries: Fossils
Rock Types
This Planet Really Rocks
Rocks and Minerals Pictures
How To Identify Minerals
Volcano! Mountains of Fire--National Geographic Kids Magazine
Types of Volcanoes

Volcanoes: Principal Types of Volcanoes
Volcano World -- The Premier Source of Volcano Info on the Web


Edheads Weather

Water Cycle
EEK! - Round & Round It Goes! - Water Cycle
ETE's K4 Weather Modules
NASA - Observing Clouds
Cloud Types: common cloud classifications
What is Weather?
What Kind of Cloudy Is It?
Tornado Chasers Information, Photographs, Map--National Geographic Kids

Germs, Germs Eveywhere!
Why Do I Need to Wash My Hands?
Nutrition Cafe

Nutrition Explorations: Kids

Kids World - Nutrition
Nutrition Term Glossary
Body Fun Online
KidsHealth - Kids
How the Body Works

How the Body Works: Movies
Yucky Gross & Cool Body
My Body
Sciencebob.com - BODY ZONE
All Systems Go
Human Body Adventure - Skin
Human Anatomy at EnchantedLearning.com 
Cow's Eye Dissection
Open Heart
Virtual Knee Surgery
Virtual Hip Surgery

BBC - Schools Science Clips
Life Science Safari

National Geographic Presents, Classic Geographic, Geomazing Movies Online 
Exploratorium: Digital Library
Professor Garfield's Knowledge Box
Science News for Kids

Funology -- The Science of Having Fun!

Exploratorium Science Explorer: Science Experiments
Encyclopædia Britannica Online School Edition
Harcourt Science Activities 
Houghton Mifflin Science

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National Library of Virtual Manipulatives
Rainforest Maths

Kids' Place Houghton Mifflin Mathematics
Education Place Math-a-Rama
Dositey K-2 Interactive Math

Dositey 3-4 Interactive Math
Dositey 5-8 Interactive Math

Professor Garfield's Knowledge Box
FunBrain Math Brain
FunBrain.com - Kids Center

Funbrain Suduko
LearningPlanet.com Kids Page
Harcourt Math Activities
Harcourt Math Activities 2
Encyclopædia Britannica Online School Edition
BBC Education - KS3 Bitesize

BBC - KS2 Revisewise - Homepage
BBC - Digger and the Gang - Homepage

Kids Online Resources - KidsOLR, Fraction Tutorial
Coolmath4kids - Lessons
Pizza Party
Fraction Attraction!
Cynthia Lanius' Lessons: Who Wants Pizza? Fractions Table of Contents
Math Hunt
Educational Java Programs
Count Us In Games
Coin Math
Discovering Coin Values

BBC Education-Maths File-Games Wheel
Create a Graph
Print and Learn for Kids - Reference and Math Worksheet

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Language Arts / Reading

Authors and Series
Sharon Creech
Chris Van Allsburg

Kidsbookshelf - Write to Authors
Beverly Cleary
Harry Potter
Matt Christopher - Official Website
Kevin Henkes
Lemony Snicket
The Edge Chronicles
The Koala Brothers
Redwall Abbey The Official Redwall Web Site
The Books of Ember

Clifford's Interactive Storybooks
Little Critter

Welcome to Avi's web site!
The Berenstain Bears
Junie B. Jones
Jan Brett's Home Page - A Great Place for Ideas
Kids' Corner - Featuring the Stories of Beatrix Potter (and more!)
Magic Tree House
Welcome To Seussville!
Thomas the Tank Engine
Akiko's Homepage
Kids@Random Authors
Poetry for Kids - Funny Children's Poems by Kenn Nesbitt
Funny poetry for children
Funny Poems and Children's Poetry
FizzyFunnyFuzzy - All The Poems...
The Poet's Bookshelf Biographies of Famous Poets
Online Stories and Reading Games
Learn to Read at Starfall - teaching comprehension and phonics
BookPALS Storyline

Lil' Fingers Storybooks: The toddler read a storybook, play a game site
Between the Lions
KOL Stories Online
Literacy Center Education Network
Funbrain Comics: On the Rocks
Funbrain Web Book: Diary of a Wimpy Kid
Funbrain Web Book: The Callahan Cousins
Professor Garfield's Reading Ring
Professor Garfield: Orson's Farm Phonics
Professor Garfield's Knowledge Box
The BookHive
StoryPlace Pre-school Library: Other Themes
StoryPlace Elementary Library Other Themes
Eduplace Online Leveled Book Sampler

Wacky Web Tales

AntBee's childrens' books and stories

Candlelight Stories - Kids' Zone

Chateau Meddybemps Beantime Stories
Kizclub stories and activities

Grammar and Writing
Education Place English
Evaluation Station: Evaluate your writing

BBC - KS2 ReviseWise - English
ReadWriteThink Student Helpers

Basic Guide to Essay Writing

Write Source Home Page
Writing Workshop: Persuasive Essay

Writing Workshop: Research Paper

Fact Monster Word Wise 

Fact Monster Dictionary
Houghton Mifflin Spelling and Vocabulary

BBC Schools - Spellits

MysteryNet's Kids Mysteries: Mysteries by Kids
BBC - The Little Animals Activity Centre
The Magic Key Writing Adventures

BBC - Digger and the Gang - Homepage
Encyclopædia Britannica Online School Edition
Schoolhouse Rock - Grammar Rock
GameGoo - Learning that Sticks!
Complete Sentences Module
Improve your English with WritingDEN!
Go for Grammar Gold
Grammar Blast
Grammar Practice Park
Houghton Mifflin Power Proofreading
Edit Dan's Copy

Proofreading Makes Perfect

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Discovery School Clipart
Free Clipart for Kids from theKidzpage.com -- Over 1,500 Clip Art Images
The Space Place: Images
Classroom Clipart : Free Clipart, clip art Illustrations and Photographs

Pics4Learning - Tech4Learning

Kids Domain - Clipart

School Icons Club

FreeFoto.com - Free Pictures - FreeFoto.Com
Awesome Clipart for Kids: Kid, Teacher & Family-Friendly Free Clipart for All Ages!
Microsoft Clipart and Media
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